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Steve and Sue Gantlett live overlooking Cley Marshes Bird Reserve, which is situated on the north Norfolk coast just east of the village of Cley next the sea, and is probably the most famous bird reserve in Britain. We have both been keen photographers for more years than we care to remember, so our stocks contain thousands of transparencies as well as digital images.  Only a very few of our images are uploaded here so far, but more are being added every week.

Steve was formerly editor of the monthly journal Birding World, but has now retired from that to concentrate on photography, while Sue has retired too and also has more time for photography now.

Our current photographic equipment is almost entirely Canon equipment and includes the 800mm f5.6 IS super-telephoto lens as well as the 400mm f4 IS DO lens, and others, which are used on a variety of Canon EOS digital SLR bodies.

For converting our transparencies, we have a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 professional scanner.